Top 3 Favorite Nursery Rooms on Instagram

Top 3 Nursery Rooms
Top 3 Nursery Rooms
Are you searching for nursery inspiration on how to decorate your baby's room? Take a look at our top 3 favorite nursery room design ideas of some of our customers. So much fun to see how everyone styles their beautiful nursery rooms with our woolen kids rugs. From colorful to neutral colors palettes, each of you create their unique and stunning places.

Discover the beautiful rooms of some of our favorite accounts below:

Photo via @madebynicool
Kids Rug by Maison Deux: 
Snuffy Rug

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Photo via @salomemermoz
Kids Rug by Maison Deux: Eyes Rug


top 3 kids room ideas
Photo via @huisvanzes
Kids Rug by Maison Deux: Love Rug