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Kids Room Ideas
Kids Room Ideas

In our series called 'into the kids room' we chat with different interior design inspirators around the world. Peeking into their stylish rooms, sharing their take on interior design and their interior secrets.

This week we sneak into the house of Camille (@jaleemom) and her family. An inspiring home with a distinct style, combining neutrals with colorful notes and mixing designer pieces with treasures founded at flea markets. Enjoy!

Tell us a little more about yourself.
I’m Camille, from France! I live near Lyon and I’m a mama of three cuties: Ailee 8 yrs, Jaden 5 yrs and Jolan 3 yrs. They are eurasian because daddy is Chinese. I’m a photographer and content creator. Most often, I photograph brands as well as interior decoration!

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How would you describe your interior design style?
My interior is the reflection of my spirit, I am often told that it changes with the seasons. I really like designer pieces, I spend hours at flea markets to find the rare pearl! I am very often attracted by strong and atypical pieces.

Living Room Inspiration - Roll Poly Chair

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What’s your favorite or iconic interior item in your home?
It's really hard because I chose everything with the heart ! If I had to choose one, it would be my Blue chair MOUSTACHE. 

Living Room Inspiration - Moustache Chair Blue

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What’s your favorite place/corner in your home besides the kids room?
Besides the kids room i think it will be a little corner in my living room.

Interior Inpiration

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How do you get inspired?
I work a lot on impulse, I spend time creating mood boards and I would say that Pinterest is our friend, no?

Pink Living Room Ideas

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What are your top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for home inspiration?
Three accounts with different decoration styles that I really like are:


How did you design your kids’ room? 
Their room is designed according to their desires and their tastes. They give me the guideline and then I try to create something beautiful and functional for kids because they don’t need something just beautiful.

Kids Room Inspiration Natural

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Which colors did you use in your kids’ rooms?
For my little one we worked with pastels like pale pink, lilac and pale yellow. For the boys I’ve mixed four colors: dark green, blue, lilac and pale yellow. These colors are the guideline for each room. 

What are your favorite items in your kids room?
So hard! In my girls room I would say the Eyes Rug from Maison Deux. I think it brings so much character to the room. In the boys room maybe the double bed, master piece!

Kids Room Ideas

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How do you find the right balance between function and style in the kids room?
Luckily there are many brands for children that offer something pretty and functional at the same time. The kids often join me to flea markets to find vintage toys too! I really love it to see them develop their own styles and find toys and books they like. It's a way to express their creativity and who they really are!

Kids Room Bed Ideas

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Which are your favorite kids (interior) brands?

Kids Room Decoration Ideas

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Could you share us the ultimate tip on decorating a kids room?
I think it's very important to have a guideline and a goof idea on what atmosphere you want to create before you start. Once it's clear, it's nearly impossible to get lost.

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