Kids Room Inspiration | Pale Pink

Best Kids Room Ideas
Best Kids Room Ideas
Kids Room Inspiration | Pale PinkLooking for ideas on how to design your kid's room? In our series called 'Kids Room Inspiration' we share different styles and themes on how to decorate your kids room. In this blog we choose to style the nursery room in natural color scheme mixed with pale pink and little red notes. 
Kids Room Color Ideas

Kids Room Styling Ideas
We choose to keep the color palette clean and minimal to create a calming place for both parent and baby. Make sure to add lots of soft elements and natural materials, like the wool Love rug from our statement rugs collection.

Kids Room Styling Ideas
Next to the natural colors and pink tones, dare to add some red notes to the room. This gives the nursery room som character. Besides lightning is an important element. Add some cute night lamps to the room like the Boris light from Mr. Maria and a shaped led light that comes in variety of shapes. A musthave to create a dreamy nursery room.

Top 6 Kids Room Ideas

Shop the room:
Sniglar Baby Bed by Ikea
LOVE Rug by Maison Deux
Saki San Poster by Mado
Moon Led Light
Storage Crate by Ay-Kasa
Boris Light by Mr. Maria