City Trip | Paris

City Trip | Paris
City Trip | Paris

Are you planning to go on a city trip with your kids? Paris is always a good idea. The city of love is one of the best city trips in Europe. An abundance of historical buildings, romantic settings, restaurants that are on point and incredible museums. There is just so much to explore while drinking your coffee to go and eating the best croissants in the world. We bundled some of our most loved places in Paris:

Hotel Babel
A beautiful antique hotel situated in the 20th arr. district of Paris. Think antique mirrors full of history, sculpted wood in warm tones.. A popular neighborhood in the heart of Paris where every piece of wall tells a story and life springs up from the pavement. This hotel makes you feel home straightaway.

Boutique Hotel Paris - Hotel Babel Belleville

Heading up the kitchen, chef Clarie Feral Akram has devised a dynamic menu, a bridge between cultures. 
Drawing on an inexhaustible reservoir of global spices and silk road culinary influences, vegetables have pride of place in Clarie’s cuisine: sesame-breaded peppers, harissa coulis, Sriracha-glazed herbed rice balls. 

While the kids are sleeping you can go back to the bar for a cocktail. All the products they serve are homemade or made a few blocks away: from coffee to beer, as well as limonade, syrups and ginger beer. H
and-made goods and locally grown, seasonal produced - all the better to make them soar with flavours from around the world.

Cocktails Paris
Hotel Babel

Restaurant Popolare
This authentic Pizza restaurant is part of the Big Mamma group, which has multiple locations all with there unique touch. A super welcoming pizzeria where you can get the best pizza's, house-made Italian ice cream (made with buffalo milk) or house-brewed pints of lager, ale and IPA. We visited the restaurant with our boys (5 and 8) and they loved to take a glimpse in the kitchen to see their pizza get baked in front of them.

Pizza Restaurant Paris - Pizza Popolare

Pizza Popolare

Shops Paris
Paris is renowned for its collection of fashion giants like Louis Vuitton and Dior. Not your ordinary shopping destinations, however it's worth to pass by. Especially during Christmas they present the most beautiful windows. Some shops we always make sure to visit when going to Paris:

81 Rue du Cherche-Midi
49 Rue Pierre Charron
111 Bd Beaumarchais,
Galeries Lafayette Hausman
40 Bd Haussmann
Le Bon Marche 
24, rue de Sèvres 

You got to make sure to win the lottery first, before shopping at KITH. Shop 
premium products, ranging from their own in-house label to a curated selection of multi-brand apparel and footwear. The beautiful stores of KITH are a treat itself and besides they also have a Treats. shop in their shop. Compose your own ice cream, making the most crazy combinations choosing from the sweetest toppings: Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Snickers and many more. But you could also just go for a good cup of coffee and take a peak in the sneaker shop and dream away of all the fashion goodies. 

KIT Paris

Le Food Court Galeries Lafayette
Take a break during your shopping sessions and treat yourself with gorgeous takeaways from cuisines around the world. This food court is finger-licking good and makes you want to buy everything you smell. Downstairs you will find a supermarket with inspiring products and the most beautiful packagings. 

Cédric Grolet
Are you following this guy on Instagram yet? He is A-to-the-mazing! Once you watch one of his movies, you will find yourself scrolling through his feed hours later while your stomach is talking to you big time! The Instagram-famous pastry chef makes the most beautiful and delicious pastries. But even his croissants make people wait in the line for hours. Do you want to visit this magical place? Make sure to make a reservation or book a pick and collect, because the lines are insane. 

Cedric Grolet Paris

Paris offer a wide selection of museums, so you got to visit Paris more than once ;-) Off course Louvre is a must visit when in Paris, but Atelier de Lumières is one of our favorites especially for the kids. Currently they have a unique exhibition devoted to the adventures of Tintin, but besides you can surround yourself in lively paintings of the most wel-known artists. Below our top 5 museums to visit in Paris:

Atelier de Lumières
Centre Pompidou
Musée du Quai Branly
Grande Galérie de l’Evolution 

Grande Galérie de l’Evolution 

Tower Eiffel
No caption needed. This is the first item on your bucket list.

Tower Eiffel