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Kids Room Inspiration | Burgundy Base

Kids Room Inspiration | Burgundy Base

Time for some kids room inspiration with some vivid color vibes for cool boys or girls. Dare to add some burgundy colors to your kids room. The result can be very authentic.... Lees meer

Kids Room Inspiration | Pale Pink

Kids Room Inspiration | Pale PinkLooking for ideas on how to design your kid's room? In our series called 'Kids Room Inspiration' we share different styles and themes on how to decorate your kids... Lees meer
Best Kids Room Ideas
Kids Room Inspiration | Color Trends Toffee

Kinderkamer Inspiratie | Toffee Roze

Kids Room Inspiration | Toffee Pink  With Autumn around the corner, warm colors are up in the air! One of our favorite colors at the moment is the color toffee.... Lees meer

DIY idea for kids | Printable Cootie Catcher

Who didn't play with this paper game when you were a kid? The cootie catcher, also known as fortune teller and chatter box, is the latest craze on or son's school.... Lees meer
DIY Cootie Catcher
Top 3 Nursery Rooms

Top 3 Favorite Nursery Rooms on Instagram

Are you searching for nursery inspiration on how to decorate your baby's room? Take a look at our top 3 favorite nursery room design ideas of some of our customers.... Lees meer

Kids Room Inspiration | Botanical Beach

Walk into a botanical kids room full of adventurous treasures. A botanical themed kids room with touches of green and sand. This color palette pairs perfectly with natural furniture. We styled this... Lees meer
Kids Room Inspiration - Botanical Beach
Tips for creating a gorgeous nursery room

Kinderkamer Inspiratie | Karamel Fudge

Time for some new inspiration on how to decorate your nursery room. Over the last years, neutral colors became very populair in kids room. This doen't mean your nursery room... Lees meer

Kids room Inspiration | A moodboard built by you!

This moodboard was built from your Instagram pics. Thank you so much for tagging us and inspiring others with your beautiful kids rooms! #maisondeux @maisondeuxBelow you will find an overview with... Lees meer
Kids room Inspiration | A moodboard built by you!
Stoere Kinderkamer | Kinderkamer Styling

Kinderkamer Inspiratie | Safari

What kid doesn't like to go on an adventure? Decorate your child's room into a cool safari destination. With cool places to hide and a variety of animals to spot.... Lees meer

Into the kids room | @capoupascap.lili

In our series called 'Into the kids room' we chat with different interior design inspirators around the world. Peeking into their stylish kids rooms, sharing their take on interior design and their... Lees meer
Best Kids Rooms
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