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✔ Fairtrade rugs

✔ Handmade in India

✔ Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes

The benefits of wool

The Maison Deux Rug collection is made out of 100% New Zealand wool. A durable and high-quality material that differentiates itself from other fibers. This classic luxurious material provides you with comfort and comes with a lot of benefits:

Resistance to dirt

One of the biggest advantages of wool is that it is naturally stain resistant. The fibers contain natural oils, called lanolin, which protect the wool from dirt. It prevents stains and dirt from penetrating the fibers. This makes spot removal uncomplicated if spills are dealt with immediately. Absorb spots with a paper towel and clean with a damp cloth. To keep your rug nice and clean, just vacuum clean it regularly.  


Another great benefit of woolen carpets is that they are hypoallergenic. This make it one of the best rug choices if you suffer from allergy, asthma or eczema. The wool fiber contains tiny pockets that hides the dust, which helps improve the air quality.


Wool rugs are very durable due to its natural strength and crimp. It resists the compression of daily use and foot stamps thanks to its elasticity, retaining its original thickness over years of use. Besides, wool is extremely color-fast and keeps its beautiful colors over time.