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Interview Kids Room Inspiration
Interview Kids Room Inspiration
In our series called 'into the kids room' we chat with different interior design inspirators around the world. Peeking into their stylish rooms, sharing their take on interior design and their interior secrets.

We were thrilled to interview Charlotte, an interior designer that loves to play with color. Scrolling down through her Instagram feed, instantly gives us the urge to redecorate our home and add lots of colors to it. Besides, she has the cutest not so little dog, that you just want to cuddle! Enjoy reading the interview and get overwhelmed by bright colors but yet calming interior vibes.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
I am Charlotte (39.), interior design / stylist and I live in Twente, a beautiful region in the eastern Netherlands. My partnerJasper (42), who is a watchmaker, and I love to spend time in our studio located in the city centre. We have 1 daughter, she is 5 years old and her name is Lorèn Ivy. We also have a big Bernese dog Brooklyn (11) who is her biggest and most loyal friend. He's always around her.

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How would you describe your interior design style?
Difficult question. I don't think I have a particular interior style, although many people would say so. I find it hard to define my style, because I like to mix all kind of styles together. They result into 'something' 😂 that seems to work quite well.

Home Inspiration Oker

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How do you get inspired?

Especially by traveling the world as much as possible. I find my inspiration all around me taking the time to stop and look around extremely well. By looking closer at certain elements you can be amazed by for example shapes, colors and texture. Besides, Instagram is also a big source of inspiration.

Colorful Interior Inspiration
White Steel Doors

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What are your top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for home inspiration?

I like to follow photographers, architects and many brands. I get a lot of inspiration from these kind of accounts! To name some:

- @foenixhuset
- @aad_architecture
- @hem

How did you design your kids’ room?
The funny thing is that it always comes naturally at home. I don't work with a mood board/design when it comes to decorating my own home. I just keep adding items I love until the room is ready.

Colorful Kids Room Inspiration Fun Ideas

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Which colors did you use in your kids’ rooms?
The base color of the kids room is white. On top of it I've added a lot of color!

Kids Room Colorful

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What are your favorite items in your kids room?

My favorite item at the moment is the new green cabinet.

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Colorful Play Room

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Where do you hide ;-) all the kids’ stuff?
As many items as possible out of sight is the best idea in a kidsroom. So in the closet/ cabinet and under the bed in the drawer.

Leopard Rug

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What are your favorite kids (interior) brands?
I don't have specific kids interior brands that I really like. Mostly I buy products that are suitable for everyone en even space in the house!.

Do you have any new plans scheduled for your kids room or have a wish list?
When the attic is ready, Lorèn Ivy will move to the bigger room. Wish list: a nice desk and a make-up table 😉

Could you share us the ultimate tip on decorating a kids room?
Start with a calm/clean base, for example white walls, and choose fresh poppy colors that brighten things up. Limit the number of colors to a maximum of approximately 5 and present these colors also in other items. In this way you will find the right color balance and prevent a color chaos.

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Are you in love with Charlotte's style and in need for some custom styling advice? Visit Charlotte's website and get in touch! Her studio, located in her beautiful garden, is worth looking at itself and full of inspiration.

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