Spice up your interior with @vier.im.quartier

Spice up your interior with @vier.im.quartier
Spice up your interior with @vier.im.quartier
In our series called 'into the kids room' we chat with different interior design inspirators around the world. Peeking into their stylish rooms, sharing their take on interior design and their interior secrets.

If you are into Scandinavian interior vibes, take the time to read the interview with Anna and Kevin and take a look inside their beautiful apartment. Surround yourself with soothing yet sophisticated colors and a lot of wooden details. 

Tell us a little more about yourself.
We are Anna and Kevin and together with our two sons Henri (5 years) and Johan (2 years) we live in Wuppertal, Germany. We both work in a design and consulting agency, which is where our affinity for design and beautiful things comes from. Our beautiful 97 m2 old building apartment is located in the middle of the city, surrounded by many other listed buildings.

Photo credits: @vier.im.quartier

How would you describe your interior design style?
We like to describe our style as Scandinavian with a tendency towards minimalism. The general color mood is rather calm and muted, with some accent colors through certain furniture or objects. We combine functional furniture (often handmade) with design classics.

Living Room Inspiration Scandinavian

Photo credits: @vier.im.quartier

How do you get inspired?
We get our inspiration mainly from Instagram, because the number of interior accounts is almost endless and you can always find something new. We also like to be influenced and inspired by current trends and various large manufacturers (Hay, Muuto, Ferm Living, Liewood and so on). In addition to Instagram, you can find many ideas around the topic of DIY and children's rooms, especially on Pinterest.

Scandinavian Interior Home

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What are your top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for home inspiration?

and sooo many more…

Scandinavian Bedroom Inspiration

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How did you design your kids’ rooms?
We designed the kids room to be quite functional and primarily for our first son. Nowadays, the room is used by both boys - since there is only one kids room in the apartment. We built the bed in which Henri sleeps by ourselves; the IVAR cabinets, painted tone-in-tone with the wall color, are amazing when it comes to storage. Behind the closed doors you can find almost all the games and toys. The children's kitchen is primarily played with by Johan and is in daily use. Over time, we have changed the style of the kids room again and again with the help of wall color, prints and rugs.

Kids Room Ideas Soft Yellows

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Which colors did you use in your kids’ rooms?
The kids room is characterized by the soft yellow wall color, reminiscent of a pale curry tone by the german paint company Kolorat. In addition, there are natural wood tones and other contrasting colors.

Kids Room Ochre Mustard

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What are your favorite items in your kids room?
Our favorite objects are the “Hot dog” rug by Maison Deux and the wall rug with the pear by Ferm Living.

Cool Kids Room Inspiration

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How do you find the right balance between function and style in the kids room? 
We like a mixture of open and closed storage space. Thus, beautiful objects and frequently used toys find space in the open solutions. Everything else, and the majority of toys, are stored in the cabinet.

Where do you hide ;-) all the kids’ stuff?
Our two IVAR cabinets with a depth of 50 cm already hold most of the toys. For smaller objects or the utensils from the children's kitchen we use different colored boxes and crates with and without lids, which can be found at different spots in the room

Scandinavian Children's Room

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Which are your favorite kids (interior) brands?
Ferm Living Kids, Liewood Design, Maison Deux, Mado by Paper Collective.

Do you have any new plans scheduled for your kids room or have a wish list?We are currently planning another update of the kids room. Since Kevin works as a product designer, he is currently developing designs for a homemade bunk bed for both boys. A new wall color and different decorative elements should transform the room more into a shared room.

On our wishlist you can find the beautiful Montana Mini modules as a storage solution for the wall and the Liewood children's kitchen as a beautiful complement to the bunk bed made of multiplex birch.

Could you share us the ultimate tip on decorating a kids room?
To sort all the smaller toys and bring some order into the kids room, we recommend beautiful matching boxes and crates (Hay and Liewood). Prints can be quickly replaced and thus quickly change the effect and appearance of the room. There are also countless beautiful children's books. It's worth displaying them like prints on the wall in a bookshelf.

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