Kid's Room Terracotta Touch

Kid's Room Terracotta Touch
Kid's Room Terracotta Touch
When choosing a color for a toddler room, you probably won't come up with the color terracotta at first. However, this color is an upcoming trend and not only for grown-ups. No wonder we see terracotta popping up in lots of kids' rooms.

Kid's Room Terracotta Inspiration

Terracotta Child's Room Ideas

Terracotta, that means 'baked earth' is a warm and rich color that provides comfort and happiness. Two perfect characteristics for your child's bedroom.
 Terracotta Color Ideas Kids Room
Not sure how to implement this earthy color? You can start with only adding some terracotta decorations such as red colored storage crates, posters or our Moons Rug

Cool ideas for a terracotta kids room
Ready to make a bigger approach? Paint the room with half-walls. These half-painted terracotta walls will have great impact without being too overwhelming. It makes the room optically look bigger as well, while still keeping a calm appearance. 

Half painted walls terracotta

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Rattan clothing rack by Oyoy
Red storage crate by Hay
Moon poster by Mado
Rug with moon pattern by Maison Deux
Rattan moon wall hanger
Wardrobe by Quax