Safari Themed Kids Room

Safari Themed Kids Bedroom
Safari Themed Kids Bedroom
What kid doesn't like to go on an adventure? Decorate your child's room into a cool safari destination. With cool places to hide and a variety of animals to spot. A leopard pattern can not be missing. Did you know the pattern of the Leopard Rug lays literally on top? This cool 3D texture make it even more fun. Super-soft and fun for a kids to play on with his favorite animal toys. 

Color Palette Safari Kids Room

For this safari themed kids bedroom we have chosen a calming safari color palette. Mixing neutral colors such as eggnog, vanilla custard and ochre. Add some brighter colors, such us a bright yellow, to the room to add some interesting contrasts.

Safari Kids Room Inspiration

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Leopard Rug by Maison Deux
Oak Bedding by Studio Feder
Lion Lamp by Mr. Maria
Grow Slowly Poster by Studio Loco
Cotton Teepee by Numero 74