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Kids Room Inspiration
Kids Room Inspiration

This year we see a lot of warm and natural colors in to the children's rooms. In combination with natural materials, you create a sophisticated room. A kids room design that is less kid centric, but still feels cosy and serene.

Add some posters to it with some earthy tones in it to give a touch of color. Besides use materials like wood and 100% wool to bring even more nature to it. The Eyes Rug is a bold and dun statement to the nursery room while still being natural.
Pantone Color Scheme Kids Room Styling
Always think up a color palette before you start designing your kids room. Put all colors new to each other and from there start looking for items to fit along. For this toddlers room we used a color scheme inlcuding Pantone colors like sunburn, birch and coconut milk and rugby ski.

Kids Room Decoration Items

Baby Drawer Dresser by Leander
Eyes Rug by Maison Deux
Changing Mat by Leander
Sun and Moon Print Set by Etsy
Baby Crib by Sebra

Kids Room Natural Tones