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Kids Room Terracotta
Kids Room Terracotta
This time we came up with a gender neutral kids room combining the lovely color terracotta with mustard and neutral tones. A warm and earthy children's bedroom every child will love. 

Color Palette Kids Room - TerracottaThis trendy and grounding color works very well with rattan and wooden details. Add some neutral and calming colors next to it and add some fun and edgy items to it. Such as the fun kids rug 'Eyes Rug' from our home collection and some leopard details. A mustard note works very well with this color palette if you want to add some extra contrast to kids room.
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Eyes Rug
by Maison Deux
Mini+ Junior Bed by Oliver Furniture
Monaco Matress by Nobodinoz
UMI play kitchen by Woodchuck 
Leopard Cushion by Mini Rodini