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Bold fun that lasts

Maison Deux is a Dutch design studio launched in 2016 at colette during the Paris Design Week. Founded to design fun, minimalist products that last for generations. We are an independent design brand offering a selection of sustainable rugs and blankets featuring playful, high-quality designs that never compromise on quality and sustainability while maintaining our social contribution.

Faces behind the brand

Meet Woes and Pia Weinberg, the brains behind Maison Deux. After a life-altering experience, the duo decided to harness the power of their pain and started a brand together; a design brand offering a range of products that are built on positivity and encourage fun. Maison Deux reminds us not to take life too seriously with products that manifest themselves into simple, pure designs with a playful twist.

Meet Our In-house Designer

Pia Weinberg is the co-founder and head of design at Maison Deux. A perfectionist that values timeless design and forms in their pure form. Pia hunts disruptive ideas during her design process, striving to create everyday products that are everything but average and have their own twist

“I hunt the extraordinary because I want to escape the ordinary, reshaping what’s ‘normal’ into designs with a twist.”


With a solid commitment to having the least impact on our planet, Maison Deux uses 100% natural or recycled materials. In addition, the production process is fully optimized to contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of our commitment to ensure our products are contributing to a social and sustainable future, we work with labels like Woolmark, OEKO-tex, and GoodWeave.


Om onze ambitie voor een duurzamere en sociale toekomst te versterken, zijn alle vloerkleden gecertificeerd met het GoodWeave-label. De beste garantie dat er geen kinderarbeid, dwangarbeid of dwangarbeid wordt gebruikt in de productiecyclus. Bovendien steunt u bij elke aankoop programma's die kinderen opvoeden. Ga voor meer info naar
Child labour policy.


The Blanket Collection is certified with the Woolmark, OEKO-TEX and Wool Integrity NZ™ labels. Wool is 100% biodegradable and therefore does not contribute to microplastic pollution in our oceans or on our land. Wool is a circular fiber; It’s 100% natural, 100% renewable, and 100% biodegradable. Try beating that!

Local craftsmanship

As a studio, we aim to craft our products with the best available human and technological skills and manpower. As a result, our rug collection is handcrafted by highly-skilled craftsmen in India who are duly rewarded for their labor. Our blanket collection is made in Lithuania using the most efficient techniques to create beautiful products that last.