Spice up your life with products that last

Maison Deux is a Dutch rug & textile brand launched in 2016 at Colette during the Paris Design Week. Founded to design products that brings bold and colorful “all-season” products, that last for generations. An independent design brand offering a selection of durable rugs and textiles featuring playful, high-quality designs that never compromise on quality while maintaining our social contribution.

How it started

Meet Woes and Pia Weinberg, the visionary founders of Maison Deux. After enduring the heart-wrenching loss of their twin daughter the duo decided to harness the power of their pain and started a design brand together; a brand offering a range of products that infuses life with vibrant and joyful energy. Products that manifest themselves into simple, colorful designs that spice up your interior.

Meet our designer

Pia Weinberg is the co-founder and head of design at Maison Deux. A perfectionist that values timeless design in its purest form. Pia hunts disruptive ideas during her design process, aiming to create everyday products that are everything but average and have their own colorful twist.

Respect our planet and people

With a solid commitment to having the least impact on our planet, Maison Deux strives to use 100% natural materials or materials that are long lasting to offer durable products that last for generations.

As part of our commitment to ensure our products are contributing to a social future, we work with labels like Woolmark, OEKO-tex, and GoodWeave.

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