Jungle Themed Kids Room Ideas

Jungle Themed Kids Room Ideas
Jungle Themed Kids Room Ideas
What kid doesn't love animals? None! Kids are naturally drawn to animals. We all have that one favorite animal that we think is the cutest and coolest animal of the world. That's the reason why animal themed children's rooms are one of the most popular kids room themes.

Translate your kid's favorite animal into a super cool animal themed kids room such as a: a safari themed, a woodland themed, a botanical themed or a jungled themed kids room. 
Jungle Themed Kids Room 
Start with a bold and exciting color palette using green colors combined with some ocher or yellow tones. Add natural elements to it by using oak or rattan furniture and accessories.

Keep it simple but add some twist to it. Combine green walls with a monkey floral wallpaper to create jungle vibes. Decorate your walls with some animal prints or a cool animal head like the Lion Wall Rug from our Miffy Rug Collection. And last but not least, choose an animal rug that fits the theme, like our Cactus Rug or Leopard Rug. 

Musthaves Jungle Children's Room

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Monkey Wall Paper by Kwantum
Playhouse Tent by Kids Concept
Cactus Carpet by Maison Deux
Rottan Ceiling Lamp by Laredoute
Tiger Soft Toy by Jelly Cat
Wall Tidy by Numero 74
Oak Storage Box by Lego