Into the kids room @susannahenriikka

Interview Kids Room Inspiration
Interview Kids Room Inspiration

In our series called 'into the kids room' we chat with different interior design inspirators around the world. Peeking into their stylish rooms, sharing their take on interior design and their interior secrets.

We kick off with Susanna Henriikka @susannahenriikka. A Finnish mom living in the West Coast of Finland with her two boys (ages 3 and 6) and her husband in a lovely city by the sea. She spends her time outdoors, doing nature walks, cycling and camping, but most of all she inspires her followers with a beautiful Scandinavian interior style. 

Tell us a little more about yourself
We are a family of four. Two boys (aged 6 and 3), me and my husband. We live in the West Coast of Finland in a lovely small city by the sea. We love spending time outdoors, doing nature walks, cycling and camping.

How would you describe your interior design style?
I would say my interior design style is Scandinavian, weighted with natural materials and colours. When it comes to kids room design my style is a bit more boho than in other rooms, which I love. Kids rooms can be so much more playful and inspiring than the others.

Scandinavian Interior Design

How do you get inspired?
I get my inspiration mostly from Instagram but also from magazines and small boutiques. I have always loved interior design and fashion as well, so I could say have those running in my blood :)

Scandinavion Interio Inspiration

What are your top 3 Instagram accounts to follow for home inspiration?
I think I actually get most inspiration from different brands but for home inspiration these three accounts are my absolutely favourites @stylizimoblog, @lauraseppanen, @tthese_beautiful_things

Scandinavian Kids Room

How did you design your kids’ rooms?
I wanted them to be comfy, interesting and playful but still in line with the other rooms and harmony of the house. So I picked couple of the main colours and materials from the house ie wood, natural colours and soft textures and the added a bit extra ie more colours and textures like rugs, playful cushions, soft toys etc.

Scandinavian Kids Room Decor

Which colors did you use in your sons’ rooms?
The materials are mostly natural materials (wood, linen, rattan, wool) and the colours need to work with them and with the rest of the house. The base colours are natural white, cinnamon, nude and in my older sons room a hint of blue and green and in the younger ones room a hint of ochre/orange.

Kids Room Decor Camel

What are your favorite items in your kids room?
I don’t think I can say one exact item because it is the harmony between all but the beds plays a big role because they are the biggest furnitures in their room and actually rugs as well.

How do you find the right balance between function and style in the kids room?
Be creative with the storage places and think that it needs to be easy for the kids to find the toys etc and put them back by themselves. So in our case the rooms are not so big so we needed to have multifunctional furnitures ie beds with storage places.

Childrens Room Inspiration

Where do you hide ;-) all the kids’ stuff?
I cannot stand messiness so we have found out that the best way to keep the rooms tidy is to have a LOT of easy storages available where they can put all their stuff by themselves, which they do by the way. In boys rooms their beds have this function, i.e. big and easy “cupboard”. Although I need to admit that it might seems to be really tidy but inside the drawers there is sometimes a complete chaos and total disorder, like my hair in the morning.

Which are your favorite kids (interior) brands?
I would say that I like to mix interior brands that are not only for kids and those kind of that you can use in every age but here are couple of my favourites:

TOYS: @bigstuffed @kaareliving @woodenstory @olliella
INTERIOR: @fermlivingkids @kongessloejd @maisondeux @oyoylivingdesign

Kids Room Natural

Could you share us the ultimate tip on decorating a kids room?
Think about the main colour/material and then add 2-3 same kind of colours to make it more interesting and perhaps something that catches the eye (Big Mobile in older ones room and bed canopy and BIG Octopus in the younger ones room). Then add different materials and textures. I like to keep kids rooms more playful, inspiring and “soft” but the colours need to work with the rest of the house. And last but not least be creative with the storage systems.

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